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Top 3 Favorite Barack Obama Cards

#1 2008 Topps Campaign (XRC) RC NNOF Missing Foil BGS 9.5 
I definitely hold a soft spot for the 82' Topps and 84' Fleer Update sets, as well as the incredibly rare 84' Michael Jordan Star card. What these all share in common, is that they're often considered XRC rookies, or cards that predate an official RC card. Since President Obama was only a candidate, and not President, I consider this to be his XRC rookie card. 
Regarding this card, I've only seen one other one come up for sale ever and I own that one as well. The missing foil errors from the 2008 Topps set are pretty rare. What is extremely uncommon is to find one in decent condition, let alone gem enough of a condition to achieve BGS 9.5 grade.

Often "misprint" cards have difficulty achieving "official/unofficial" recognition within the trading card hobby, including with grading companies. As such very few error or misprints like this, grade 9.5 or 10. Another thing to point out about this card, is that it's .5 away from being BGS10. This card is from 2008 Topps Series 2. Boxes are scarce and at this point typically over $400.  



#2    2009 Topps American Heritage Chrome Refractor (Ungraded)
This Obama RC card is just gorgeous, and like other Topps refractors, to see it in person makes a significant difference as the color really pops. Topps really created a masterwork set when they released 2009 American Heritage. Bringing the 1952 Topps Style cards to this set, it just adds another level that helps make the cards even more appealing. 
The American Heritage refractors, I've only seen two come up for sale in the last eight years. I purchased both of them. The card is limited to just 76. I was fortunate to acquire both of these and they are both in GEM MINT condition. I actually anticipate one grading PSA10 and one minimally BGS 9.5. Although I do think BGS10 is possible based on achieving a BGS10 for other similarly difficult Obama cards from the same set. 

It's likely that if I end up with a BGS10, that might leapfrog to position #1 in this list. The NNOF card above is probably limited to less than 50 raw ungraded cards in existence in total. That would likely make the only 9.5BGS in existence to be the most valuable of this collection. That said, these cards are just so incredibly cool looking. This is a very expensive card to chase. American Heritage is a massive set and boxes are scarce, but when you do find them they're $500 to $800.



#3 2009 Topps Chrome Base Refractor BGS10 (1 of 1) 
 These cards are not common. There's two PSA 10's, one BGS 9.5 and then there's this, the only BGS 10 in existence.  


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